Shortwave and Scanner Recordings 

Radio spectrum that is conducive to being heard around the entire world is special.  It's another example of a simple technology that is able to accomplish more with less.  I monitor a lot of RF spectrum in general.  On this page I will present some of my favorite recordings of band scans or specific frequencies I montiored for whatever reason.

CB radio is a dead hobby compared to what it was like in the 70's and 80's, but if you tune in to the frequency range between 27 MHz and 27.5 MHz on a day like Thanksgiving, you'd think CB was like something that everyone just discovered.  While you're up there you might as well have a listen to the Freeband.  Freebanders' hang out on the fringes above and below CB.  You can find them around 26.8 to 27 MHz and 27.55 to 27.7 MHz, but seeing as how all of this usage is completely illegal, there really is no rule to where they show up in that range.  There is a predominant number of Mexican's that use the Freeband.  I don't speak Spanish so I have no idea what they're talking about.

Thanksgiving 2011 Freeband
A good sampling of the crazyness on the Freeband when it's really jumping such as on Thanksgiving day.  This recording demonstrates how crowded Freeband used to sound on a daily basis up until about 10 years ago.

Thanksgiving 2011 CB ragchew
Rather interesting technical conversation on 27.43 MHz USB between two guys running high power amps.  Nice signals!

Thanksgiving 2011 Crazytalk
Some really nutty discussions (I should say commonplace) between one person that likes to hear himself talk and a few other participants.  After awhile I started tuning around and stopped on some other crazy stuff.