One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age This is a great site which I recently discovered by an artist with appreciation for the old web (Olia Lialina) and served as a huge inspiration for me to put my old web pages back online. She's sifting through the Geocities archive torrent (see Jason Scott for more about that) and has lots of interesting articles about the old web design style. Very inspirational.. Thanks Olia!

The Internet Archive There's so much content here. Old films, audio files, collections of texts, snapshots of old websites, etc. You could literally spend multiple lifetimes here and not cover a fraction of it.

The Doom9 forums. Lots of stuff on multimedia, decrypting DVD and BluRay, Linux encoding technique, etc..

SDLMAME and MESS forums Forums for my two favorite emulators. Lots of goodies and stuff.

DVBN Forums  This is a forums for satellite enthusiasts.  The Linux section has lots of good info on VDR and Myth.

Nuclear Weapons Archive  An excellent site with lots of technical info and high resolution photos of test shots.

Value of Coins (coin collecting)  Nice link list to free and legitimate coin value lists.

MIDI Sites

HammerSound soundfont library

Jack's MIDI Music Page here and here

MIDI Studio Consortium

ROM Sites

Emuparadise   (the most up to date for arcade ROMs)


TI-99/4A Games FTP

more TI-99/4A games

Snesorama Forum   (MASSIVE forums site with sub-forums for every system you can think of, uses sharesite links)