Greetings to all in cyberspace and thanks for stopping by! I was lucky to get on the Internet in 1993 and was primarily using Gopher and WAIS.  I still recall struggling to setup NCSA Mosaic and trying to view the handful of pages that existed.  I still have longings for the old days so decided to put up some of my old pages with new content.

You won't find any advertisements, social media, commercialism, requests for private information, usage of real names, or any other folly that resembles a commercialist site.  Just good old fashioned web pages using simple HTML to convey free information, the way it was meant to be.

If you have time please take a loogk at my gopher page for more unique content not found on this web page.  Gopher is cool.

1993                 2011

18 years sure can make a difference!

You should be hearing MIDI music playing right now.  If you don't, and you're using Linux, take a look at the page I prepared to help you get it to work.  Ironically, if this really was 1997 I wouldn't need to guide anyone though this!  Funny how some good things get lost along the way of progress..

I just signed up for a new guestbook.  In case you wondered, I discovered in July 2011 that my guestbook from 1997 was still functional, but then in Feb 2012 they decided to close the service for some reason.

My new Guestbook: Sign - View
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I want to make a shoutout and thanks to SDF which is where these pages are now hosted on.  It's a great system.  You get a shell on a UNIX box with 200 MB space for web and gopher.  Thanks guys!  I can be reached at this address if necessary, mocha at sdf dot org.

Last update: May 19, 2012 (Major updates, new content, new gopher content, etc..)
Site resurrected: July 2011
Pages removed from Internet: August 7, 1997

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